We cherish comprehensive problem solving.

For over 30 years we ́ve been your major system integrator in complex technological projects. Whether it ́s Industrial Automation, Telecommunications, Fire & Gas, Security, Instrumentation, Metering or IT in the Energy, Oil & Gas and Transportation industry ... We have a suitable solution. Recently we ́ve also broadened our horizons as a successful Oil & Gas maintenance services provider. We’re extremely committed to versatile and customer-oriented turnkey solutions.

That ́s who we are at Comita.

Industrial automation

Industrial automation

Our passion for industrial automation, active deployment of cutting-edge technologies and hardware-software tools in gas & energy industries, follows decades of tradition. We have rich experience in ensuring the proper functionality of our integrated systems with a strong focus on integrated control & safety systems (ICSS).

Our commitment to industrial automation is enviable. We believe that implementing our solutions can strongly optimize your present and future processes.

And make your competition a little envious.

Our solutions are:

  • Integrated Control and Safety System, or ICSS (safety risk reduction, easy & comprehensive facility monitoring, preventing attempts to misuse information, effective management of the business)
  • Leak detection system (Sensitivityofdetection100:1, Adaptability in eliminating false alarms, Accuracy, Reliability of continuous workflow, Two level system architecture, Detection of defects and theft)
  • Cathodic protection (multiple stations, remote monitoring, suitable cable connections, field instrumentation and equipment, design & engineering services, installation, commissioning & testing)
  • Dispatching, Operation, Control and Data centre implementation
  • Wide area distributed control systems with autonomous and remote functionality, such as automation and remote management of block valve stations and other types of remote sites (RTU, RTU-SIS)
  • Implementation of scalable redundancies at all levels (field and control centres)
  • Auxiliary systems implementation (substations, power supply, MCC, EDG, UPS)
  • Automatic gas consumption reading
  • Integration of autonomous third-party systems using standard or proprietary communication protocols
  • Communication connectivity to remote areas (metering stations, regulators, transformer stations, block valve stations)
  • SCADA system and Business process support system integration
  • Instrumentation and metering equipment
  • Business process support for deregulated gas markets
  • Business reporting system implementation
  • Information Security system implementation and enhancement
  • Gas pipeline hydraulic simulations (off-line, on-line)

You name it. We solve it.

Telecom &


Fire &

Telecom &


Fire &

Every business needs sophisticated Telecom & Security solutions supported with reliable auxiliary systems. At Comita we have extensive experience in these areas. We offer design, delivery and integration of comprehensive Telecom solutions such as:

  • Fibre optic telecommunication transport networks based on modern telecom technologies (MPLS, WDM, SDH, ...) and on modern highly reliable telecom equipment
  • Digital radio relay systems
  • Professional mobile radio networks such as DMR, TETRA, DECT, VHF
  • Fixed telephony networks
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Dispatch communications and PA-GA systems
  • IoTsolutions
  • Telecommunication containers with hybrid autonomous power supply system
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems

Can you imagine a comprehensive system integrator without proper Networking & ICCI solutions? We can ́t, that ́s why we also take care of:

  • Network element monitoring and control systems (multivendor network management solution, open interface, backup management systems, ...)
  • ICCI
  • Switches,Routers,Firewalls,...
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • NetworkArchitectures

We provide the following Security solutions:

  • Building Intrusion Detection System (BIDS)
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)
  • Access Control System (ACS)
  • Security Close Circuit TV (SCCTV) & Process Close Circuit TV (PCCTV)
  • Physical Security (Turnstiles, Road Blockers, Arm Barriers ...)
  • Security and Signal Lighting

Fire and Gas Detection and Extinguishing Systems:

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Extinguishing Systems (Sprinkler, Water Mist, Hydrant Systems, Synthetic and Natural Extinguishing Agents)
  • Manual Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • F&G Management Systems
  • Complex F&G Systems

No worries ... We’ve got your back!

Information technologies

Information technologies

We turn innovation into practice, and we love to complement ourselves with modern IT solutions. Versatile Corporate IT Solutions:

At Comita we construct network infrastructure, set up and equip data centres, install high-availability clusters and high-speed computer systems, develop software infrastructure services (email, applications, unified communications, virtual environments and clouds), and systems for information services management.

The creation of complex IT systems requires sophisticated equipment, that’s why we ́ve entrusted this task solely to well-established brands such as HP, Oracle SUN, IBM, EMC, VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Huawei, Inspur, RedHat and Symantec. Together we provide unmatched efficiency in the area of:

  • Network and server support

  • Computing clusters, storage and archiving systems

  • Infrastructure software

  • Servervirtualisation

  • Disaster recovery systems

  • Disaster-resistant clusters deployment systems

  • IT services management (ITSM, GOST R 20000) systems

  • Complex information security systems

Data Processing Centres:

At Comita we have vast experience in delivering turnkey data processing and storage centre infrastructure complete with telecommunication and server equipment. Our turnkey solutions include building survey and assessment, integrated organisational and technical solutions, utilities design, equipment selection and supply, installation and commissioning, software/hardware maintenance and support.

Complex IT Administration Solutions:

  • Corporate content management (digital document workflows, technological and engineering content with geo-location linking)

  • Corporate mobile solutions (mobile IoT solution deployment, mobile corporate content access)

  • IT strategy and architecture development

  • IT projects and digital transformation projects managing office

  • Project audit and deployment quality control

  • Support, maintenance and versioning of complex informational business management systems

We ́ve done it all.

Maintenance services

Maintenance services

Our global business environment constantly presents us with new challenges ... By providing comprehensive maintenance services we always stay one step ahead. In our turnkey solutions we unite:

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Corrective maintenance

  • Routine inspections

  • Periodiccalibration

  • Fault identification

  • Repair and replacement

Whether it ́s a scheduled or unscheduled maintenance service, test, repair, overhaul, inspection or installation of various equipment or, auxiliaries at sites ... We make it simple at Comita. Many systems - one maintenance contractor.

Of course ... We do everything in accordance with applicable local regulations, international standards, maintenance manuals, project documentation, data cards, vendor’s installation, operation & maintenance manuals, best practices and industrial standards. All done by highly certified and committed specialists.



Solutions never stop coming if you ́re as committed as we are. We can also take care of ...

  • Residential and industrial metering solutions

  • Power substations for transmission, distribution and industry

  • Street and industrial smart lighting systems

  • Drinking and wastewater treatment

  • Water treatment and purification

  • Telemetry management of water and sewage networks

  • Power quality management and instrument remote monitoring

  • Mobile Compressor Stations for gas pipeline networks

  • Metering equipment (Electricity meters, Energy distribution control systems, Warning systems)

It ́s easy with Comita.



Comita Digital Technologies marks a significant milestone in our journey of innovation and growth. Our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions is now extending to the vibrant business landscape of Kazakhstan, where we will be focusing on software development, information systems management, and pioneering artificial intelligence technologies.

We remain committed to a customer-oriented approach, providing full-circle solutions, encompassing development, implementation, deployment, modification, enhancement, and maintenance.

E: comita@comitagroup.com
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